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SG Resorts Travel & Vacation Club is a "Private Club" with an invitation only membership with over 3.5 million users.  Your membership guarantees you the lowest prices on planet earth at more than 1,000,000+ properties including all the major brand hotels. SG Resorts delivers what others can only promise at prices impossible to beat.  You will not find a lower rate anywhere on the Internet and if you do- SG Resorts pays you 110% of the price difference.  Join today, vacation tomorrow, save for the rest of your life as a member of the SG Resorts family of over 3.5 Million users who are a member of the Private Vacation Network.

Club Rates

Boca Raton
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Nobody Beats Our Club Rates

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Nobody Can Beat !

        SG Resorts Premier Properties         


Discover the Lifestyle and Tell Only Your Best Friends

Travel & Vacation Club

Dream Vacations

Discover The


As a member of the SG Resorts Travel & Vacation Club you will want to discover the Lifestyle at our Lifestyle Holidays Resort located on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic where our Club Members have access to not only one of the finest All Inclusive Resorts in the Country but an array of Luxury Caribbean Villas.

Become a Lifetime Platinum Plus Member of the

SG Resorts Travel & Vacation Club today and receive a Bonus Free One Week Vacation Certificate  


Miami Beach


The SG Resorts Casablanca on the Ocean has acquired a new West Tower and is now home to the Sultan Suites 


Lifestyle Holidays

All Inclusive 5 star Resort

One of the best all inclusive resorts on planet earth. Go visit and join our Vacation Club for huge savings on your next   all-inclusive booking


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Never again pay public prices for your travel & vacation bookings

Miami Beach Vacation Condo

Boomerang Membership


Dominican Republic

The Watermark is an all suite boutique hotel just steps from the ocean on one of the best kiteboarding beaches in the entire world 

Travel & Vacation Club


SG Resorts offers the best vacation club possible.  Members enjoy non-published rates that are on average 85% Less than the best rate guarantee of other Internet Giants


Travel & Vacation Club

Dream Vacations

SG Resorts Travel & Vacation Club has a Global Network of Properties and Resorts where our membership is guaranteed the absolute lowest price on the Internet and the guarantee is backed by a 110% Price Difference Guarantee that pays our members 110% of the price difference if a lower price can be booked anywhere on the Internet.  Our members can book hotels all over the world knowing that have the best price possible.  Members have access to instant price comparisons from all the major Internet Booking Giants including airfare comparisons from all the major airlines. 

Dream Vacations are affordable when booked using the SG Members Only Portal where members can book and pay for a week what the general public and most people pay to spend the night at the same resort.  

Travel & Vacation Club

Dream Vacations

The Florida Keys

One of the most popular destinations in the entire world for vacation travelers is the Florida Keys & Key West and the SG Resorts Travel & Vacation Club has several unique vacation rentals reserved especially for you in the Lower Florida Keys & Key West.  If you enjoy the Caribbean Lifestyle but you have no desire to leave the United States the FLorida Keys is the place for you. 

Become a Lifetime Platinum Plus Member of the

SG Resorts Travel & Vacation Club and receive a 

New Member Bonus 


Florida Keys Waterfront 2/2 Vacation Home

Your Dream  about owning your own Miami Beach Vacation Condo  can finally come true  and you won't believe the price 

Travel & Vacation Club

Group Benefits

5,000 Resorts Worldwide


SG Resorts has become the world's leader in the field of Living Benefits and has quickly become recognized as the leader in Group Benefits addressing the needs of every working man and woman. 


Our LIVING BENEFITS PROGRAM was created to provide "Living Benefits" for the working man and woman who spend all year working hard at a job or career and look forward to time alone, time with the family, or time with friends.   At SG Resorts we provide private label affordable Dram Vacations as a Living Benefit for Employers, Groups, Associations, Non-Profit Organizations, Municipalities, and just about any type of Association you can think of from School Teachers, Health Care Workers, to Fire Fighters and everything thing in between. 

Living Benefits are unlike other group benefits most people consider when they think about benefits like various types of Group Insurance or Health Insurance Benefits where they only become a benefit if someone gets sick or dies.  SG is focused on the here and now as well as living life to the fullest. 


Unlike Health Insurance or Life Insurance, you don't have to get sick or die to appreciate the value of your SG Group Benefit.  SG Resorts provides Group Benefits for the working man or woman in the form of VACATION BENEFITS at GROUP PRICES and a benefit every person with a job can use, appreciate, and value and unlike other Group Benefits SG BENEFITS cost the employer or Group nothing while every employee or group member benefits. 

Discover how the SG LIVING BENEFITS PROGRAM can work for your Group or Association call today and schedule an appointment to see how SG can work for you and your employees, group members, or Association.  Living Benefits everyone with a job deserves. 

SG Resorts Living Benefits Program is designed to make Lifestyles better for everyone. 


Call (888) 453-5666 or (954) 483-4987

Private Member Only Rates

SG Cruise Vacations

SG Resorts Travel & Vacation Club, LLC

SG Resorts Travel & Vacation Club  Cruise Vacations at Unbeatable Prices 

 All Booking earn valuable Reward Credits -plus-  Cash Back Options 

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