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Dominican Republic

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Miami Beach

The Sultan Suites @ Casablanca on the Ocean 


The Sultan Suites are a hotel within a hotel at the Casablanca on Miami Beach.  Enjoy all the amenities of a Sultan including "Magic Carpet" room service, complimentary shuttle service, access to the Sultan's Club on the Penthouse Level, and much more.

Casablanca on the Ocean (The Sultan Suites)

Florida Keys & Key West 

Club Members with RVs and Campers are not left out at the SG Resorts Travel & Vacation Club.  SG Resorts has a 100+ acre ranch in Central Florida and several oceanfront Class A Motorhome sites available in the Florida Keys & Key West.


SG Resorts Travel & Vacation Clubs provide a "Living Benefits Package" to Employers, Groups, Associations, Municipalities, as well as Government Entities. Consider unlike other Benefits like Health Insurance or Life Insurance, you don't have to get sick or die to enjoy the LIVING BENEFITS provided by SG Resorts Travel & Vacation Clubs.  We provide a benefit that every person with a job can use and benefit from.  We make your life more enjoyable one affordable vacation at a time. 

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Club Rates

Impossible To Beat !

Club Members pay for the week what the public pays for a night 

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Nobody Beats Our Club Rates

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